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Burlington’s EcoSynthetix is on the Corporate Knights sustainability ranking

Burlington’s EcoSynthetix is on the Corporate Knights sustainability ranking

A Burlington Company, EcoSynthetix,  has made it to the Corporate Knights Inc. Future 50 Fastest-Growing Sustainable Companies in Canada ranking. Selected from a pool of 5,115 Canadian companies (1,100 public, 4,015 private), the ranking is made up of the fastest-growing 25 publicly traded companies (selected based on year-over-year revenue growth %) and the fastest-growing 25 privately owned companies (selected based on growth % in capital raised from two most recent years of fundraising rounds) that earn more than 50% of their revenue from clean energy sources.

.Founded in 1996 by university friends Steven Bloembergen and John van Leeuwen who working in “green chemistry,” EcoSynthetix was created to prove that natural products can work just as well as petroleum-based chemicals, and needn’t cost more. The Burlington, Ontario, company produces industrial adhesives and binding agents using renewable biomaterials, such as corn starch, rather than fossil-based ingredients and toxic compounds like formaldehyde.

Focusing on three key markets, EcoSynthetix’s products fuse the wood fibre in particleboard, adhere colour graphics to paper, and create better-holding hairspray. Expanding into too many sectors is a temptation for many green companies, says CEO Jeff MacDonald. “We were definitely in that camp, trying to do everything. We were burning through cash, so we decided to focus on a few things that matter.” For five years, EcoSynthetix invested 75% of its efforts in the wood-fibre market. The payoff: it landed a new client named Ikea.

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