Friday , 27 January 2023
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Burlington mask bylaw changes

To be consistent with the Region of Halton’s mask bylaw, Burlington City Council has approved amendments to the temporary Mask By-law which regulates the use of face masks and coverings within enclosed spaces open to the public.

The changes are now in effect and include:

  • Exempting children under the age of five from wearing a mask (previously children under three).
  • Requiring parents/guardians of children over five years of age to make a ‘best effort’ to ensure the children wear a mask
  • Removing face shields as an acceptable face covering. Public Health information indicates that face coverings need to cover the nose and mouth without gapping
  • Updating wording related to ‘employee-only areas’ which are not regulated under the by-law
  • Applying the Mask By-law to City recreation facilities.

For more information about the Mask By-law, visit

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