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Burlington endorses a 3-month COVID workplan

Burlington endorses a 3-month COVID workplan

Burlington council gave the OK to an emergency response strategy over the next three-month operating period, to June 30, 2020, to deal with the effects and impacts of the virus on the community and staff.  Highlights include:

Increased parking fines

Council approved adding an increased penalty of $250 to specific parking infractions that violate COVID-19 bylaws and orders. Current parking penalties related to public health and safety issues such as blocking fire routes, accessible parking, idling and blocking snow operations range from $120 -$400.

Virtual delegations

At the April 20 meeting, City Council also approved a recommendation to allow virtual delegations from members of the public at Council meetings, beginning in May 2020. For future council meetings, delegates can make a request to delegate to council using the online form or send an email to Delegate speaking notes will need to be submitted to Clerks before the meeting in case there are connectivity issues. Delegates will speak to council virtually via phone or internet connection.

 To prevent the spread of COVID-19, City Council meetings will continue to be held virtually. During this Council meeting, Mayor Meed Ward was the only member of Council present in Council Chambers along with the City Clerk/designate and an information technology technician. All members of Council participated in the meeting remotely and no members of the public were in attendance.

 Mayor Meed Ward praised city staff for their efforts during the COVID crisis. City Manager Tim Commisso, commenting on the workplan said, “ this three-month strategy allows us to assess and monitor the impacts of this evolving pandemic and continue to look and plan ahead for when we resume our city operations. The city also remains very focused on carefully managing our budget and finances to get us through these unprecedented times.”

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