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Burlington dials back 5-car parade limit

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward issued a statement today announcing that after consultation with Premier Ford the 5-car limit on auto parades has been relaxed. In her statement today the Mayor wrote: “the initial guideline limit of 5 vehicles for a drive-by parade/procession was taken from the Provincial Emergency Orders that forbid parades altogether and prohibit groups of more than 5 people. In light of further clarification from the province yesterday about their emergency orders, the 5-car limit doesn’t apply to drive by parades where people remain in their vehicle, don’t stop or get out.”

Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

Explaining the original 5-car edict, the mayor wrote, “Some of the drive-by community events we have been seeing had grown to 150-plus vehicles and motorcycles, with a staging area at a mall, going through residential streets not built for this, up to 6-12 addresses throughout the city, and the potential to attract crowds, at the staging area and along the route where people might get out of their vehicles and interact with each other. This poses clear public health, as well as pedestrian, driver safety and traffic concerns.”She said Public Health wanted to ban the parades altogether but the city had attempted to find some middle ground.

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