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Burlington adding staff to deal with Coyote crisis

Burlington adding staff to deal with Coyote crisis

At an emergency meeting Wednesday, Burlington Council has issued a laundry list of directives to various departments to deal with the city’s Coyote crisis.  The crisis plan will result in the creation of four additional staff.

Among the recommendations are:

• Hiring a Certified Wildlife Professional (CWP)

• Work with Oakville on a coordinated workplan to deal with the issue. 

• Place lids on non-decorative garbage cans in the immediate area of coyote concern

• Explore getting financial support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and other ministries as needed.

• review the current fine structure for feeding of wildlife and bring back options to increase the fines for ticketing offences.

• Develop a communication plan for the public particularly around the issue of feeding the animals.         

• targeted cutting back of vegetation on public lands as part of the risk mitigation actions to be considered.

Concerns about direct or indirect feeding of wildlife can be reported to Animal Control at

Residents are advised they can request an audit of their yard for coyote attractants by city Animal Control staff, by emailing

City Manager Tim Commisso noted, “The recommendations include four additional staff positions which will allow both City animal services and bylaw enforcement to take a much more pro-active approach to protecting the community against aggressive coyote behaviour and unprovoked attacks.”

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