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Brenda Johnson announces decision to not run for re-election

Brenda Johnson announces decision to not run for re-election

Another shoe has dropped as Hamilton heads into the year of a municipal election with the announcement by Ward 11 Glanbrook Councillor Brenda Johnson that she will not be running this fall. “I think it’s time for fresh eyes. I think it’s time for a change,” she told the Glanbrook Gazette.

There has been a lot of criticism of Hamilton Council and calls for wholesale change, particularly in social media, but the Glanbrook councillor, who was generally seen as one of the more steady hands on council, has kept out of the eye of the storm.

“I’m walking out of this office with my head held high. I believe that all the decisions I made were the right ones,” she said, adding that in her opinion, “The criticism for a lot of it was not founded.”

She said that council was wrongly criticized for keeping the report into the friction issues on the Red Hill Parkway secret, pointing out that council issued a news release within three hours of first learning about the matter.

Presiding over a ward that is rapidly growing in population and in urbanization, Johnson pointed to $240 Million in infrastructure spending in the area during her time in office, including the new Binbrook library, upgrades to the Binbrook Memorial Hall and Mount Hope Community Hall, and an elevator being installed at the Glanbrook Arena. She is currently working on plans for a new rec centre in Glanbrook.

“I’m feeling really good about that,” Johnson told the Gazette.

Johnson was first elected in 2010 by less than 300 votes, unseating the incumbent Dave Mitchell. In the elections of 2014 and 2018, she swept back into office capturing well over 80 percent of the vote in both elections.

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