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Bratina’s advice not heeded in botched CFL plea for Pandemic funding

The website 3-DownNation is reporting that Hamilton East MPP Bob Bratina attempted to assist CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie in his pitch to the Finance Committee for COVID financial aid, but his advice was not followed. Bratina told CHCH’s Bubba O’Neil that he got the impression Ambrosie’s appearance before the committee was dictated by the team owners. Whatever the case Ambrosie got a cold reception as he asked the government to float a $30 Million bailout now with another $120 Million later on. But he was chastised by members of the committee for not including the CFL Players’ Association in his proposal, and for framing the request as a “partnership with government” rather than a bailout. One MP from Saskatoon, who described himself as a longtime Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, told Ambrosie there was serious skepticism in his home province – a stronghold of CFL support – toward the proposal from the league and some of its billionaire owners. Said Bratina, “I don’t think (Ambrosie) had the best advice in approaching it by appearing in public on the finance committee and kind of pleading poor because most people think that the league owners are all rich, which many of them are. And what do you need from us?”

The full story is here: https://3downnation.com/2020/05/10/hamilton-mp-bob-bratina-cfl-commissioner-randy-ambrosie-wasnt-interested-in-my-advice/

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