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Bratina slams “red Tape” blocking east Hamilton affordable housing project

Bratina slams “red Tape” blocking east Hamilton affordable housing project

Hamilton Mayoralty Candidate Bob Bratina told reporters Tuesday that he would urge the Minister of Housing to implement Ministerial Zoning Orders when confronted with the kind of red tape that is blocking the building of an affordable housing project in east Hamilton. Since 2015, as part of the Riverdale hub project, CityHousing has been planning to build 44-affordable units here.  But that is in jeopardy because of a regulation that blocks housing on education property.  “The city could buy the land for a dollar to get around that issue,” Bratina said. “If left unaddressed, this means that valuable resources will have been wasted and Hamilton will be leaving 44 much-needed units for our seniors behind”

“As Mayor, I will ask the Province to examine any and all regulations standing in the way of these types of collaborative approaches to housing and, where possible and when necessary, ask the Province to issue Ministerial Zoning Orders to allow the City to fulfil its housing goals.  Modern problems require modern solutions – not outdated, stale regulations.  I know the province shares Hamilton’s goals of building homes.  Despite what one of my opponents says, I take the province at their word and trust the province when they say they support the building of homes to address the housing crisis.”

In his platform, Bratina has promised to call for 30 percent affordable housing on property along the proposed LRT route.

collaborative and innovative opportunities to further and achieve our goals.  We are not going to solve our housing crisis without Made in Hamilton solutions.

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