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Bratina responds to transit union’s endorsement of his candidacy for mayor

Bratina responds to transit union’s endorsement of his candidacy for mayor

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107, representing HSR drivers, maintenance workers, and other unionized staff threw their endorsement to Bob Bratina for Mayor of Hamilton in the upcoming municipal election. The decision came over the weekend after the Union asked each candidate for mayor to respond to a questionnaire.

Responded Bratina, “I’m proud to have been endorsed by the hardworking members of ATU 107 who live and work in our great city. We need a transit system that makes sense for Hamilton, and as part of that I remain committed to ensuing the HSR operates the LRT if it is built.”

“Too often, council has treated the HSR as an inconvenience rather than a public service.  I will change that. ATU 107 is the backbone of transit in Hamilton, and our future success as a City depends on a strong ATU supported by a Transit Mayor, and I pledge to be that Mayor.”

Hamiltonians have a right to know what I told the ATU. I pledged to:

  • Push to have the HSR, supported by ATU members, operating and maintaining Hamilton’s LRT;
  • Work to ensure that Hamilton has access to reliable, clean, safe, and frequent transit;
  • Ensure Council follows through with existing transit funding commitments (i.e., the 10-year transit plan);
  • Conduct a review of the HSR, including management;
  • Advocate for a forward-looking and consistent review of HSR services to ensure that projects are on track, on time, and deliverable;
  • Work to restore public faith in the HSR;
  • Commit 100% of gas tax revenue the City receives to transit;
  • Push to transition the HSR fleet to a Green Fleet;
  • Ensure that occupation-specific health and safety concerns are addressed, including supporting new and improved training, mental health supports, and realigning benefits to ensure that our transit partners have the support they need and deserve.”
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  • i have used the HSR all my life and i have been so impressed the last five to ten years in the quality of the HSR bus operators. the vast majority are friendly, helpful, responsible, diligent, safe. during Covid the HSR operators job became infinitely harder, yet i continued to see the vast majority of the drivers retain the highest level of professional conduct. still friendly and helpful and safe. i am also a strong supporter of Hamiltons ATU, and all affiliated union and tradespeople. however, i dont think the ATU and its Hamilton members are best served by Eric Tuck. they should rethink re-electing Mr Tuck next union election.

  • interesting schizm in Hamilton regarding the ATU and who they support for mayor. and exactly what level of support. the National ATU threw THEIR support behind former Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath for Hamilton Mayor. the local ATU threw THEIR support behind ex-Mayor Bratina. though the local ATU chapter DOES disagree with ex-Mayor Bratina over area rating and how it impacts Hamilton public transit and the HSR. the local AND national ATU want area rating for transit eliminated because they see it is inefficient and unfair. ex-Mayor Bratina disagrees about ending area rating and equalizing tax levies for the HSR across all of Hamilton as a “tax grab”. interesting.

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