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Bombardier’s latest business jet broke the sound barrier

Bombardier’s latest business jet broke the sound barrier

With pandemic concerns easing and the resumption of normal global business activity, the private jet aircraft business is also taking off. Bombardier today unveiled the Global 8000 aircraft, the world’s fastest and longest-range purpose-built business jet. It carries a $78 million price tag but it can zoom passengers at 721 miles per hour (40 MPH less that the speed of sound) and travel 9,000 miles without refueling.

Broke the sound barrier in test flights

Some of the performance capabilities of the new Global 8000 aircraft were witnessed as early as May 2021, following a demonstration flight with a Global 7500 flight test vehicle. The aircraft, accompanied by a NASA F/A-18 chase plane, repeatedly achieved speeds in excess of Mach 1.015, a key step in enabling a maximum Mach operating speed (MMO) of M0.94 and becoming the fastest business jet in the world and the fastest in civil aviation since the Concorde.

Lots of leg room in this cabin

Bombardier also claims the Global 8000 business jet features the healthiest cabin in the industry, with the lowest cabin altitude in its class of 2,900 feet when flying at 41,000 ft. It is also equipped with Bombardier’s Pũr Air and advanced HEPA filter technology for the cleanest cabin air and the fastest fresh air replacement.

The aircraft comes with four personalized suites ergonomically designed to maximize space and freedom of movement, and the Soleil circadian lighting system to help combat jet lag.

For a little extra you can get a Principal Suite with a full-size bed and a stand-up shower in the en-suite.

Stand-up shower in the Principal Suite

Range of 9000 miles

Some of the non-stop destinations the plane is capable of reaching are Dubai-Houston, Singapore-Los Angeles, London-Perth and many others.

The Global 8000 is expected to enter service in 2025.

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