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Bill Kelly Show: Ford outspending Wynne

Bill Kelly Show: Ford outspending Wynne

The conservative think tank, the Fraser Institute, has taken aim at Ontario’s government for its spending.  Notes the Institute in its latest paper, “we find that the Ford government generally maintained higher per-capita inflation-adjust­ed spending during its first term in office than prevailed under Premier Wynne. Further, Bud­get 2022 suggests that the Ford government plans to further increase spending in its second term in office.”

“Largely as a result of this spending trajec­tory, Budget 2022 forecasts that Ontario will continue to run operating deficits in the years ahead.”

“The Ford government forecasts that the pace of debt growth will largely continue along the same trajectory as under Premier Wynne.”

The report was the topic of discussion Friday on the Bill Kelly Show on CHML with guest, John Best of the Bay Observer.

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