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Big changes could be in store for Main Street in wake of pedestrian fatalities

Big changes could be in store for Main Street in wake of pedestrian fatalities

Opponents of one-way streets will be gladdened by a nearly unanimous council direction to take immediate steps to reconfigure Hamilton’s Main street to make it safer for pedestrian. Beyond that, however the motion by Clr. Maureen Wilson calls for the conversion of Main Street to a two-way pedestrianized corridor, and consideration of converting the remaining one-way streets in Hamilton to two-way. The move comes amid a public outcry after more than ten pedestrian-auto fatalities this year alone.

As immediate steps staff are instructed to improve safety on Main Street which could include expanded and enhanced pedestrian space, temporary lane reductions, removal of parking restrictions, reduced speed limit, synchronized traffic signal options, no right turn on red restrictions at intersections, and leading pedestrian intervals.

That would be followed by a staff plan to implement conversion of Main Street to two way “that integrates a Complete Streets redesign that will enable safer use for all people who need to use the streets including public transit riders, pedestrians, motorists and cyclists and that these spaces also contribute to climate resilience by providing shade trees and permeable surfaces”

The implementation plan would be provided in early 2023. The motion proposes spending $400,000 on a consultant to develop the Main Street plan.

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