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Home Politics Biden and Trump square off tonight

Biden and Trump square off tonight

Tonight  will be the first face-off beyween President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden . The debate pits who men in their 70’s both of whom have not always been adept at the podium==Biden for his verbal gaffes and Trump, mostly about statements that are either exaggerated or out right false. The 90-minute debate starts at 9 on most networks.

Biden told reporters over the weekend that expects to face a barrage of personal attacks from the President. His challenge  is two-fold: One is handling all of Trump’s verbal slings and arrows and keeping the debate focus on the coronavirus and Trump’s record.And two is simply being the frontrunner and having the most to lose tonight.

Polling suggests that as fascinating as this showdown may be there are not a lot of minds to be chaged most to lose.

This month’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 71 percent of voters saying that the debates aren’t very important in making their choice.And yesterday’s national Monmouth poll showed that while 74 percent of voters say they plan to watch the debates, only 13 percent said they are “very” or “somewhat” likely to influence their votes.

The debate comes as COVID continues to dominate the news cycle

The worldwide death toll passed 1 million. Cases in the U.S. are on the rise or holding steady. And the New York Times reports how the White House pressured the CDC to downplay the risks of sending children back to school. The US has had over 7 Million Coronavirus cases and yesterday alone the US reported 35,000 new cases. By Comparison Canada had about 2,100 cases. Allowing for the population difference that means the US has double the infection rate of Canada. With over 200,000 deaths the US death rate is running almost triple the Canadian rate on a per capita basis.

Biden continues to garner endorsements from celebrities and even some Republicans. The Lincoln Project is a US political PAC made up of republicans who want to get rid of Trump. Today they posted their latest ad featuring a bona fide hero supporting Biden.

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