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Benz, Bell and Mac: It’s not a band  

Intense tech in the new Mercedes EQS EV SUV KATHY RENWALD PHOTO

A technological tsunami is taking over my life. In the last week I’ve been test driving for review an all electric Mercedes EQS, I’m migrating from a 10-year-old iMac to a new iMac 24, and sparring with Bell Canada over a switch from copper wire to fibre optic cable into the home.

  The Mercedes EQS SUV EV is a slick, futuristic, all-electric wonderland. It exudes luxury and at a starting price of $136,000 that’s expected. With display screens that occupy nearly the whole width of the dashboard, it is car built to be driven by the fingertips. 

Backseat and front seat passengers have their own display screens in the Mercedes EQS EV SUV KATHY RENWALD PHOTO

  I’ve been driving it for four days, but I would need four weeks to fully understand it.  About 90 percent of its operation is conducted through a touch screen. Dials, remember those? They’re  done. The switch is deep sixed. Other than pressing a stalk to switch on turn signals or put the car in gear, the fingertip press is action central.

  I love computers and innovation, but it’s most tempting to enjoy this car when it is at a standstill. The technology is so abundant and it deserves your full attention. Driving and learning what it can do at the same time requires max brain power. You need big IQ to drive the EQS.


   Almost every surface near the driver is hot. Meaning a casual unintended touch changes something-radio volume, fan speed, navigation screen, you name it. The centre console, the massive and beautiful display screen, and the steering wheel respond to swipes, presses and flicks. It’s like master control in a jet. 

  The ride is lovely, the seats are wonderful, power is sharp, but the driving range at 448 kilometres is not class leading, and in my opinion it looks rather dowdy. On the highway the quiet, luxurious ride is a delight. In the city the brakes are touchy and hard to operate smoothly.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

This is a vehicle for a buyer with good reserves of cash, a thirst for tech, and plenty of time for Lunch and Learn sessions to understand the EQS full potential.

  During one drive I was eyeing with envy an ancient Isuzu SUV/off-roader called a VehiCross. Bright yellow, dipped in rubber, it looked like a blast to drive compared to today’s computers on four wheels.

  But I love computers! That’s why I was looking forward to upgrading to an iMac 24. This is a loan from Apple to test. When I return it I will likely buy one. My current 11-year old iMac 27 is running on fumes.

  First up moving contents from old Mac to new. I’ve done it before but this switch is more challenging. The age of the old Mac and sheer volume of contents works against a smooth transition. The normally simple TO USE Migration Assistant can make this task easy, but it’s not working on this job. I have cables everywhere, and external hard drives cluttering the desk. Trips to Apple, Best Buy and calls to Apple Support are helping somewhat.  I could just turn it over to an expert, but I like the DIY approach. It’s forcing me to slim down the bloated photos and video files which take up 433 GB of storage on the old iMac.

  So far, using the iMac 24 for a few days is a wonder. No more spinning wheels of death, or Apps that no longer work and it’s fast. One perk that I thought was frivolous is Touch ID. It’s right there on the keyboard and ends the tedious job of searching, searching for passwords. I was also lamenting the switch from a 27-inch screen to a 24 inch, but after a couple of days using the new iMac, I don’t even notice the downsizing.

The big move-data from old iMac to new iMac 24 KATHY RENWALD PHOTO

 The new computer would be even more enjoyable if our internet speeds were not tied to the ice age. We are paying for 50 Mbps of download speed and getting 20 Mbps tops.

That’s because you have that old, stupid, copper wire Bell tells us, and you need Fibre Optic.

  Indeed Fibre Optic has arrived in the North End, and to hear Bell describe it, it’s as impressive as having Drake deliver your mail.

  Many conversations have been had, each time I ask is it free? Yes it is Bell says and you get a free modem too. Why am I suspicious? So you get a new line and modem, but does that actually mean it will work, without a monetary tweak in the monthly internet package, and a Inquisition style push to opt in for Bell TV and cell phone?

  Stay tuned for more updates.

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