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Backlogs are easing at Pearson: GTAA

Backlogs are easing at Pearson: GTAA

Deborah Flint, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), told a news conference Friday morning, “we’re seeing measurable improvements in flight delays, cancellations, baggage delivery and wait times,” Ms. Flint, who was born in Hamilton and came to GTAA after running the Los Angeles Airport,  said. “The aviation system worldwide is facing a perfect storm as it strives to improve operations in the aftermath of COVID-19. But the industry is rebounding, and the metrics we are sharing today show how working with our partners is yielding results.”

Deborah Flint CEO of Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Ms. Flint says Toronto Pearson is now seeing improvements across several key performance metrics, which it expects to continue or accelerate into the fall:

Security screening

82 per cent of passengers last week cleared security in less than 15 minutes; this is a one percentage point increase over the rolling average for the previous four weeks.

Airline on-time performance

Last week, across the airport, 44 per cent of all flights were on time, versus a 35 per cent average for the four previous weeks.

International arrivals

 At times, the airport is forced to hold passengers on their plane to make room in the customs hall. This happened 19 times last week, an improvement from a four-week rolling average of 60 plane holds per week.

Baggage delivery

For domestic travel, the average wait time for bags to arrive at the carousel is now 24 minutes, a three-minute improvement over the four-week average. The same metric also improved by three minutes for international bags, and by four minutes for transborder bags.

Digital tools

The GTAA is also implementing some digital tools to help passengers navigate the airport., including interactive infographics and a peak times dashboard with information on how busy each terminal is based on historical information from the past two weeks.

Ms. Flint has promised to host regular press conferences at the airport where she and her team will provide a status update on operational progress and answer questions from the media.

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