Sunday , 11 June 2023
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Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market Hours are a Potluck

When did the memo go out that visitation to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market was by appointment or by chance? At least that’s what...


Lights, Competition, Construction on Hamilton’s Waterfront 

  A cosmic light show on on Pier 8, maybe. Another new park on the waterfront, for sure. An artisan market at Pier...


Benz, Bell and Mac: It’s not a band  

A technological tsunami is taking over my life. In the last week I’ve been test driving for review an all electric Mercedes EQS,...

Pier 8 hi-rise


After months of no news about residential development on Pier 8, this week there should be fresh information about the West Harbour housing...

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Barton in Bloom

Dana Oikawa looks at the plan for new gardens around the Barton Street library and likes what he sees.   “It’s pretty blah...


The Cottage is Open at Gage Park

On a snowy winter day the gardeners at the Gage Park Greenhouse have opened the cottage for us. The annual Spring Tide Bulb...


Cooking with surprising products

Two icy, messy winter storms are cooping people up. I feel like staying inside and binge watching Mad Men. It reminds me a...


Finding Serenity in a Kia Soul

2023 Kia Soul EV Limited $52,095   From day one the Kia Soul has stuck by its distinctive design. It’s a little tall,...

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Spring garden events blooming

The signs have gone up for the Spring Tide Bulb Show at the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse. The theme this year is Spring...


Fold, Soak, Paint, the art of the discarded

The far from precious work by artist Warren Hoyano now on view at the You Me Gallery on James Street North captures us...