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At last Health records going truly electronic at HHS

At last Health records going truly electronic at HHS

How many times have you visited a medical facility and had to answer the same medical questions or show your health card multiple times? Then of course there are the fax machines which would be a thing of the past if it weren’t for the medical system. That all could be changing soon, at least at Hamilton Health Sciences.

On Saturday, June 4, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) will move to a modern and fully electronic hospital information system called Epic.  

 Epic will replace dozens of electronic and paper systems and eliminate time that hospital staff and physicians spend looking for information. For the first time, every patient’s medical information will be available in one place.

Patients will no longer need to repeat their health history each time they meet with someone at HHS or visit an HHS clinic for the first time. Their information will be documented in a new electronic medical record (EMR) at their first interaction and updated during the course of their care journey. Every member of the patient’s care team will have access to the same information at their fingertips so that critical care decisions can be made safely.

“The launch of Epic is the largest patient safety and quality initiative in our history. It will greatly improve the experience for patients, staff and physicians, and most importantly, enable us to deliver care more safely,” says Rob MacIsaac, president & CEO of HHS. “We are proud of the work that has taken place to ensure HHS remains at the forefront of leading academic, teaching and research hospitals in Canada.”

HHS is one of the busiest hospitals in Ontario. Every day its staff and physicians provide care to more than 1900 patients needing inpatient and emergency services, and another 2400 patients through in-person and virtual clinic visits.

Patients will also have easy access to their EMR using MyChart. MyChart is a free, secure, online tool that gives patients easy access to their HHS health record anytime, from anywhere. Patients will be able to view test results, manage their personal health information, and attend video visits.

MyChart will be accessible through a website link, or as an app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information on how to access MyChart, please visit

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