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Asking the experts on green transit options for Hamilton

The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is a socially responsible transportation forum dedicated to helping Canadian communities advance next-generation zero-carbon mobility and transportation solutions across Canada. It also develops low-cost simulation tools that help transit agencies across Canada and the United States predict how their electric buses, hydrogen fuel cell buses and autonomous smart vehicles (for first kilometre/last kilometre solutions) will operate in real-time on roads and in service.

Currently CUTRIC is working in communities like London Ontario, Guelph and York Region—all of whom are converting their transit fleets to electric. In the case of London they are also looking at establishing full bus rapid transit in dedicated lanes.

Dr. Josipa Petrunic is the President and CEO of CUTRIC. She is leading the formulation of several national transportation technology trials related to zero-emissions transportation and “smart vehicles” innovation, including the Pan-Canadian Electric Bus Demonstration & Integration Trial, the Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration & Integration Trial, and the National Smart Vehicle Demonstration Project. Dr. Petrunic has built up CUTRIC’s consortium to include more than 100 private and public sector companies and organizations across Canada. Previously, she served as the lead researcher in electric vehicle policy studies at McMaster University.

With transit decisions for Hamilton looming in the near future, The Bay Observer recently interviewed Dr. Petrunic. First, we asked her about the current possibilities for E-buses:

Then we asked her what advice she would give a city like Hamilton contemplating a major transit investment.

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  • Freddy and the Anchors have no interest in options, particularly attractive, sensible options. They have a vision for us, and it couldn’t be cheaper or uglier… overhead catenary system snaking it’s way thru the core, poles, wires and cables instead of tree’s and birdsong.. It would be good fun to have Petrunic debate Dr. Chris Higgins on the merits of LRT vs. BRT.

  • One has to be aware that Hamilton’s Task Force never even looked at the E Buses or Hydrogen options.These two options will reduce operating cost,fare increase,prevent the loss of our most profitable route.No tracks,poles,wires and a ever increasing hydro cost.

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