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As lockdown eases Tam recommends masks

As lockdown eases Tam recommends masks

There has been a sift in the Public Health attitude towards people wearing masks during the COVID crisis. Calling it an “extra layer of protection,” Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam now says Canadians should wear masks in public in situations where physical distancing is impossible.

as an “added layer of protection” whenever physical distancing is not possible.

“In addition, where COVID-19 activity is occurring, use of non-medical masks or face coverings is recommended as an added layer of protection when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. And staying home when sick is a must, always and everywhere.”

Tam said the new guideline comes as provinces begin to allow businesses and services to reopen, bringing more people out of their homes.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he has started wearing a mask in public in situations where he could be in close proximity to people. “That’s my personal choice. I think that’s what is aligned with what public health is recommending,” he said. “I think we all need to adjust to what works in our circumstances and keep safety at the forefront of what we’re doing.”

Trudeau said he will wear a mask to in-person sittings of Parliament but will remove his mask once at his desk to engage in parliamentary debate. He was first seen wearing a mask in public during a May 6 Canadian Armed Forces repatriation ceremony in Trenton for the crew of the Canadian helicopter that crashed near Greece.

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