Sunday , 28 May 2023
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New COVID Cases drop overnight

 After a couple of days where new COVID cases were in the 200 range, yesterdays tally dropped to 138 new cases. There was...


More think their country has handled COVID-19 well, with the exceptions of the U.S. and UK

A Pew Research poll shows most Canadian think their federal government did a good job in meeting the challenge of the coronavirus. In...


Confrontation with Raptor boss captured on tape.

Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy Alan Strickland may with he never launched a lawsuit against Toronto Raptor President Masai Ujuri. In a lawsuit stemming...


Volvo caps top speed in new cars

Kathy Renwald All new Volvo cars will have a limited top speed of 180kph, the Swedish car maker announced today. The safety first...


Halton District School Board DSB hosts FIRST Robotics kick-off

The Halton District School Board will be hosting its 2022 For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics kickoff on Saturday,...


Urban residents want a federal bailout for transit: Poll

A poll by Probe Research shows an overwhelming majority of Canadian city dwellers think the Federal Government should provide $5 billion in emergency...