Monday , 5 June 2023
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Chaos and confusion rocking President Donald Trump’s administration yesterday

Trump set out Tuesday to cement his image of a wartime leader facing down an “invisible enemy” at a dark moment as...


Tell City of Hamilton how you feel about services

 The City of Hamilton wants to hear what the community thinks about three service areas, through surveys which launched February 13. The...


Promising trend in COVID cases resolved continues.

Ontario recorded another 160 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, with eight deaths. It was a slight uptick from the previous day’s...


Morneau “forgot” $41,000 travel tab with WE

Finance Minister Bill Morneau apologized to a commons committee for not recusing himself from cabinet discussions on the WE deal due to...


Hamilton residents invited to celebrate the Hamilton Black History Month Launch

Hamilton Black History Council in partnership with Hamilton Black-led organizations and the City of Hamilton invite community members to celebrate the Hamilton...