Tuesday , 31 January 2023
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Modest Sir Tom Moore skips tea with Queen

Sir Tom Moore told BBC he still wants to be known as Captain Tom after he received a knighthood from the Queen last...


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rumored to be dead

Kim Jong Un is rumored to be dead, according to an as yet unconfirmed report from a Hong Kong broadcast network, while a Japanese...


City delivers mountain of documents to RHVP Judicial Inquiry

In a possible case of information overload,  the City submitted more than 55,500 documents to the Commissioner for the Red Hill Valley Parkway...


Aline Chretien dies at age 84

Aline Chrétien wife of Canada’s twentieth Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien has died at age 84. She left school at age 16 to support...


North Aldershot under a microscope

It’s a highly complex subject. For the first time in over a quarter century, residents of North Aldershot are formally being asked to...

Baywatch Legal

Say anything you want online…NOT by Zachary Pringle, Scarfone Hawkins Law

Do you remember that time when you fought with your neighbour about their dog’s unscrupulous meandering through your back yard? Then, in a...


Young OPP officer gunned down on first day of solo patrolling

Tributes are pouring in from individuals and police services across Canada at the shooting death of an OPP Constable near Hagersville. Provincial Constable...


Payroll relief for employers and employees

Prime Minister Trudeau  announced earlier today more details surrounding the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. As part of that program, the federal government will...


Ghislaine Maxwell complains she’s being punished for Epstein suicide

A new court filing argues that Maxwell is being treated worse than other inmates as a result of Jeffrey Epstein’s death by suicide...