Monday , 30 January 2023
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Maxwell behind bars in New York

Orange is the new black for Ghislaine Maxwell. The former Jeffrey Epstein confidant has been transferred from a New Hampshire jail to a...


More funding needed for mental health crisis calls

Melissa Farrell, President of St. Joseph’s healthcare has issued a statement regarding mental health crisis calls, pointing out that Hamilton has been a...


Chinese scientist who traced source of COVID was muzzled

A Chinese scientist who is the one of the world’s leading experts on coronaviruses was ‘muzzled’ after unravelling the genetic composition of the...


Piers Morgan pays moving tribute to Queen

Reacting to the televised broadcast by the Queen yesterday,  UK TV host Piers Morgan declared, “let me be brutally frank… the Queen did...


Help Good Shepherd help families in need

Good Shepherd’s Sponsor Our Families event begins accepting donations at 143 Wentworth Street South, Hamilton this week. Sponsor Our Families is an opportunity...


National Steel Car lands $150 Million order for grain hoppers

Canadian National Railways has awarded a contract to build 1,150 new generation, high-capacity, grain hopper cars to National Steel Car Ltd. of Hamilton,...


Two more Mohawk Alumni of Distinction honoured

The Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction awards recognize graduates for their career achievements and community contributions that provide an exceptional source of inspiration...


McMaster engineers score breakthrough in COVID19 testing

What if people could take an easy-to-follow home test to screen for COVID-19 antibodies or other viral infections, instead of going out into...


Amazing apology from US Military Chief

Army Gen. Mark Milley, the nation’s top military officer, said Thursday he was wrong to accompany U.S. President Donald Trump on a walk...


Howard Stern: Trump “despises” his supporters

Howard Stern spoke candidly about longtime friend Donald Trump on his SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday. Trump attended Stern’s wedding in 2008 and...