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Anti Trump Republicans take to the airwaves

Anti Trump Republicans take to the airwaves

A group of anti-Trump Republicans is spending $2 million on new TV and digital ads supporting former Vice President Joe Biden in two states President Donald Trump won in 2016 — the latest in a blitz of ad buys in red states from both sides of the presidential race.

Republican Voters Against Trump, which launched last month and announced a $10 million ad campaign, told CNN it is allocating a fifth of that budget to ads that target Republican or Republican-leaning voters in both Arizona and North Carolina.

Both states have voted for the GOP presidential nominee all but once in every election since 1980, but recent polling shows Biden leading Trump in Arizona and with a smaller lead over Trump (but within the margin of error) in North Carolina. The two states also have competitive Senate races with Republican incumbents.

The new ads are aimed specifically at disaffected Republicans. They feature a series of stark, spare testimonials from longtime GOP voters and former elected officials explaining why they do not or can no longer support the President. A longtime voter in North Carolina in one ad says that he wishes he could put a sign in his yard to tell people to “vote against Trump.”

The new ads come on the heels of a series of ads being broadcast by the Lincoln Project.

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