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Another day with more than 400 new cases of COVID-19

Another day with more than 400 new cases of COVID-19

With 412 new COVID-19 cases reported this morning  Ontario has marked the third straight day of the upward trend.

The province recorded 412 new cases and 27 more deaths related to the novel coronavirus Saturday morning, marking a 1.7 per cent increase over the day prior.

The number of new cases is down slightly over Friday’s report when the province confirmed 441 new infections —the highest daily increase in new cases since May 8 — a jump Ontario Premier Doug Ford called “concerning.”

The five-day rolling average of new cases In Ontario has continued to increase since May 12.

As it stands, there are 25,040 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario, including 2,048 deaths.

The number of resolved COVID-19 cases however continues to outweigh active cases in the province at 19,146 recoveries or 76.5 per cent. As for testing, there were just over 11,000 tests conducted yesterday—well below the 20,000 targets the province had set for testing.

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