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Angus Reid: Ford government under criticism but voting intentions unchanged

The latest data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows mounting dissatisfaction with Premier Doug Ford’s government. On cost of living, health care, and housing affordability, four-in-five say the government has performed poorly.

The only issue for which the government receives more praise than condemnation is its ongoing handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, chosen as a top priority for just eight per cent of Ontarians.

This holiday ill-will extends to Ford himself. Alongside tumbling approval levels, he is also the most likely figure to be blamed for a recent dispute between the government and education workers. More than two-in-five (45%) primarily blame Ford, while 41 per cent say Education Minister Stephen Lecce is most responsible. One-in-three (32%) say the education union bears most of the blame, while 14 per cent say all parties share it equally. Importantly, those with children between the ages of five and 17 at home are equally likely to blame Ford (44%), Lecce (44%), and the union representing education workers (44%) for the whole ordeal.

While criticism of the government is significant, a fractured opposition means a continued comfortable vote intention lead for the governing Progressive Conservatives. When asked “if an election were held today”, nearing two-in-five (37%) would support Ford’s party, while one-quarter would vote for either the Ontario Liberals (25%) or official opposition NDP (27%).

More Key Findings:

•             Three-in-five Ontario residents choose cost of living/inflation (63%) and health care (61%) as their top concerns for the province. Both priorities well outpace housing affordability, the third most chosen issue, selected by one-in-three (34%).

•             Three-in-ten (28%) feel the Ontario government is performing well with respect to education in the province, while seven-in-ten (68%) say Ford and company have done a poor job. Parents of children aged five- to 17-years-old are slightly more positive, with 36 per cent saying the government has done well on this file.

Link to the poll here: www.angusreid.org/

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