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All Canadians Vaccinated by end of September: Anand

All Canadians Vaccinated by end of September: Anand

For Canadian wondering when things in Canada can begin to get back to a sense or normalcy, the Minister of Procurement Anita Anand provided the most definite timetable thus far. She predicted that there will be enough vaccine for all Canadians to have their first dose in the next five weeks and that every Canadian should be able to have their second shot by the end of September.

She also predicted that there will be “Millions” of doses of the Moderna Vaccine shipped to Canada in June with a large shipment in the first half of June. She told reporters that she had spoken to Moderna today and that had assured her about the June shipments, but until there is a firm timetable provided by the manufacturer the Moderna doses will not be added to the timetable the government releases and updates each week.

Meanwhile the Pfizer Vaccine continues to be the most reliable in terms of quantities available and its ability to stick to the timetable. The government has now extended its vaccine delivery timetable out to the end of July and it shows approximately 23 Million more doses of Pfizer coming to Canada over the next two months and well over 10 Million of those doses are earmarked for Ontario. In addition there would be the “millions” of Moderna doses which have been promised.

The latest federal tally shows 23 million doses of vaccine have been distributed in Canada and nearly 9 million of those have come to Ontario

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