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Aldershot news roundup: Rick Craven

Aldershot news roundup: Rick Craven

Waterdown Road in Aldershot, a major north south route, will be completely closed at one location for several weeks later this year.

Councillor Kelvin Galbraith disclosed the restriction during a virtual public meeting last night. “That will be very disruptive….We just learned of it this week”.

The closure is part of the multi-year widening and reconstruction of Waterdown Road.

According to Engineer Jeff Thompson, who also spoke at the meeting, the planned closure is a new development made necessary by the Region of Halton’s decision to replace a watermain in the area. “Due to safety concerns it’s just not safe to keep the road open” he said.

The road will be closed south of Flatt Road in the area of the Regional reservoir, preventing north south movement.

Thompson said more information on the closure will be made available to the public as soon as possible.

Amica project will be scaled back

In other news, Councillor Galbraith confirmed that the City has settled its disagreements with a developer planning to build a new Amica retirement home on North Shore Boulevard, across from the Joseph Brant Hospital, just to the east of Aldershot’s Indian Point.

“The revised development proposes a seniors’ housing complex with buildings ranging in height from 3 storeys to 16 storeys…….reducing the height of the tall building element from 17 storeys to 16 storeys and reducing the overall scale and massing of the mid-rise element to the north”, according to the City’s web site.

Meridian Quarry challenge

Thirdly, Galbraith commented on how the City is responding to Tyandaga residents concerned about emissions from the expanded Merdian Quarry. He said the City is considering an “air quality bylaw”, but that is not the wording that came out of the recent discussion at the City’s Planning Committee. Mayor Marianne Meed Ward referred to the initiative as a “Health Protection Bylaw”. Clarification is expected to come from a staff report at the next City Council meeting.

“It’s not only potentially going to measure contaminants from the quarry, but from other operations as well”, according to Galbraith.

“At this stage it is only an exploratory bylaw that staff will be reporting on………it was clear from the reports that the city cannot provide (its) own testing surrounding the Meridian Quarry operations.”, he later clarified in an e-mail.


In response to a variety of questions from constituents Galbraith added that there are no plans for the Hamilton Bulldogs to relocate to Aldershot and he said there are “tentative negotiations” related to the ownership of LaSalle Park.

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