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Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association plans education sessions

Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association plans education sessions

The Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association has organized several events aimed at building capacity in the community.

Mental Health:

Led by the ACCA Mental Health team, LaFerne Clarke and Veronica Taylor, there will be a discussion of topics within the mental health umbrella which specifically affect the Black community. Some of the topics include: impacts of COVID-19 lockdown. This event will occur via zoom and will be the first of three sessions.

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Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. Mentoring also benefits the sponsoring organization. For employers, mentoring increases retention, promotion rates, and employee satisfaction for mentors and mentees. At universities, student mentoring is proven to improve student retention, boost job placement rates, and increase alumni engagement when tapping alumni as mentors.

ACCA’s formal mentoring program is a structured, one-to-one and group relationship based program in an organizational and academic setting. The goal is to connect people, increase knowledge and build skills for future goals and milestones. Mentors and mentees will ne trained to have productive conversations and meetings, providing them with career development tools and resources to accomplish set goals in an Afro-centric setting.

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Support for your Business

May 19, 2022

Afro Caribbean Business Network and the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association will hold a lunch and learn session on May 19th

The topic of discussion will be the business resources available to Hamilton Black-owned companies thanks to the partnership with ACBN and ACCA.

ACBN has begun to share space with ACCA to provide various business support to local Black entrepreneurs in the Hamilton area such as:

– Access to funding including grants and micro-loans

– Marketing strategy and execution

– Business coaching and industry mentorship

– Expansion and franchising preparedness

– Connection to Black Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

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