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A look at some of the other parties on the Ontario ballot

A look at some of the other parties on the Ontario ballot

If you are voting in the upcoming provincial election in the Bay area, chances are you will see candidates from both the New Blue Party and the Ontario party on your ballot. The Bay Observer looked at both party’s platforms and news coverage to find out more about them.

In several areas the New Blue and Ontario parties are similar. Both are let by former Conservatives who split with the party on policy issues, both leaders also unsuccessfully ran for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party.


New Blue Leader Jim Karahalios

New Blue Leader Jim Karahalios, a Cambridge Lawyer, was sued by the Ontario PC’s after he accused them of election fraud and opposed the carbon tax. He won that suit when a judge ruled the action was a SLAPP lawsuit. He then ran for the presidency of the Ontario PCs and again alleged fraud when he was defeated by a Doug Ford-backed candidate. In 2020 Karahalios ran for the leadership of the Federal Conservatives, raising the necessary $300,000 to enter the race but he was barred from running by the party. In January 2021 he announced that he and his wife Belinda would found a new provincial party in Ontario—the New Blue Party.

Derek Sloan, also a lawyer, was elected a Conservative MP for the riding of Hastings-Lennox and Addington in 2019. In 2020 he, like Karahalios ran for the leadership of the federal Conservatives finishing last on the first ballot. His anti-gay, anti First Nations and anti-vaccination opinions got him kicked out of the Conservative caucus and leader Erin O’Toole declared Sloan would not be allowed to run for the Conservatives in the 2021 election. Following his ouster he travelled across the country denouncing government COVID measures. After an unsuccessful run as an unaffiliated candidate in the 2021 federal election, Sloan was announced as the new leader of the Ontario Party.


The two parties are also similar in their libertarian, anti gay, socially and fiscally conservative policies. The New Blues would stop ‘woke’ activism with the removal of critical race theory and gender identity theory from schools. They would stop all government subsidies to the “establishment media” They would cut the HST and axe the carbon tax. Their website reads, “The Ford PCs and their left-wing ideologues and lobbyists are determined to leave Ontario “woke” and broke, just like their predecessors.”

The Ontario Party  would cancel “Cancel Culture” by ensuring “that no Ontario citizen can be compelled to commit an act, or communicate an idea, that directly contradicts their sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions deemed legal.” They would end all COVID mandates. On education they would allow charter schools and “fight indoctrination” around race and sex. They would allow free votes on every issue and impose a recall mechanism to keep MPPs in line with constituent needs.

Both parties have candidates in area ridings.

The New Blue Candidates are:

Burlington: Allison Mckenzie

Flamborough-Glanbrook: Paul Simoes

Hamilton Centre:  John Chroust

Hamilton East=Stoney Creek: Jeff Raulino

Hamilton Mountain: Baylee Nguyen

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas: Lee Weiss Vassor

The Ontario party candidates in the area are:

Hamilton Mountain: Andy Busa

Hamilton Centre: Brad Peace

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek : Domenic DiLuca

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas: Frank Thiessen

Flamborough-Glanbrook Walt Juchniewicz

Burlington: Sebastian Aldea

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