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A Hamilton Film School opens in the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre

A Hamilton Film School opens in the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre

The Hamilton School of Media Arts will open in the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre on Sept 19th and will offer filmmaking classes, workshops, and talks throughout the fall season. The school is run through the Hamilton Film Festival and has been years in the making.

Since 2017, The Hamilton Film Festival had been running sold-out filmmaking summer and march break camps for kids, renting space in the Staircase Theatre. A few years later, the General Manager of the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre, Colin Lapsley, approached Nathan Fleet (owner/operator of the Hamilton Film Festival) to see if he would be interested in bringing digital media classes to the new centre. This past July, occupancy was given to the camps and over 100 kids participated in making short films that will debut at the 17th Annual Hamilton Film Festival, in the centre’s new 470-seat theatre.

“I used to get on a Go bus to take workshops in Toronto back in the late 90s and today people are still leaving the city for their training. With the growth of the film industry in the city, this is an obvious step toward local workforce development, but also creates the spark for kids, teens, and young adults who may, one day, want to work in the industry. I’ve already had kids return for their 5th year and I can already see that this is what they want to do.” says owner Nathan Fleet.”

The instructors at the Hamilton School of Media Arts are all professionals, currently working in the film and television industry. Some of them are literally coming from a long week on set to teach a weekend class. Some notable instructors are award-winning writer/director Terrance Odette (Fall, Heater) who has a 3-part session on storytelling, directing, and editing. Jessica Clement (Night Blooms, Pure), will run a 5-part acting class that is geared towards those who are serious about entering the business, and Mike Trebilcock (Chewed, Spidermama), runs filmmaking camps and film scoring classes.

The fall calendar, dubbed “ the spark”, contains plenty of 101-style workshops and classes

The school has already partnered with Hamilton Film Studios to host a Production Assistant Day, and Theatrix Costume House to do a wardrobe workshop, and there are plans to do more events like this with other local businesses that support the film industry.

Programs at a glance:

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons, where kids get to participate in animation, digital animation, puppeteering for TV, and pixilation.
  • Creative Cinematography and Cinematography Immersive
  • Location Sound
  • Drone Operating
  • Motion Graphics and Titles
  • Editing using Final Cut
  • Holiday Filmmaking Camp
  • Film Composing

The classroom will also be used for brainstorming sessions, table reads and audition space

For information on registration visit or contact

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