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92-year-old activist marks daughter’s death with plea to Premier Doug Ford

Bill Russell, the father of activist Regan Russell, who was killed protesting the slaughter of pigs in Burlington in 2020, marked his 92nd birthday by writing to Ontario Premier Doug Ford to overturn “ag-gag” Bill 156, the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act. The legislation restricts picketing activity around meat processing facilities.

Regan Russell died in 2020

Regan Russell was protesting against Bill 156 when she was struck and killed by a truck carrying pigs to Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington on June 19, 2020.

More than two years since his daughter’s death, Bill Russell continues to honour her memory and fight injustice by attending pig vigils even as he celebrates his 92nd birthday. Bill plans to attend a Toronto Pig Save vigil on Wednesday, December 7 from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at Fearmans, 821 Appleby Line, corner of Harvester Road.

“I have to say thanks if there is a god for giving us Regan,” Bill said. “Thank you for our dear beloved Regan, who lies here as we think of her life and how she gave that life in protesting animal oppression.”

Mr, Russell’s letter reads:

Re: Repeal the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act

On June 19th 2020, my beloved daughter Regan Russell lost her life during a protest against the passing of Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, aka Ag-gag Bill 156. She dedicated her life to ending animal oppression and her life was so unjustly taken in the process.

The Bill passed despite warnings from dozens of legal experts from across the country that the legislation is unconstitutional and violates rights to free expression and peaceful assembly.

I plead with you on my 92nd birthday on December 6, 2022 to repeal the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act in memory of vegan activist Regan Russell.

Yours sincerely,

William Joseph Russell

PS I hope to live to 93, 94 or longer if it takes that long. Let’s do it right away! – WJR

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