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“Sorry if you were negatively impacted” Murderer apologizes at sentencing hearing

“Sorry if you were negatively impacted” Murderer apologizes at sentencing hearing

A 24 year old misfit who killed his entire family because he didn’t want them to know he was flunking university and college apologized Monday to anyone he had “impacted negatively” with his actions, as lawyers asked a judge to hand him a life sentence with no parole for 40 years.

Menhaz Zaman said his family believed he was studying engineering at university, but not only was he not at university, he had actually dropped out of a community college. Instead of going to school, he left the house every day to hang around shopping malls and gyms.

Zaman pleaded guilty last month to three counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder for killing his parents, grandmother and sister at their home in Markham, Ont., on July 27, 2019.

Appearing via video conference Zaman said “I would like to just apologize to anyone I have impacted negatively with my actions, and especially to the people who knew my family and friends and loved ones who I know could never have seen something like this happening, I’m sorry.”

The Crown and defence both recommended a 40-year period of parole ineligibility for Zaman for the murders. Justice Michelle Fuerst will give her decision on Nov. 2.

Zaman’s victims were 70-year-old Firoza Begum, 59-year-old Moniruz Zaman, 50-year-old Momtaz Begum, and 21-year-old Malesa Zaman—all found dead in their home.

In a victim impact statement, a young woman talked about the impact of the murder of her best friend Malesa Zaman. “I thought the only time I’d write a speech for her was on her wedding day at some point in the future, but I guess that’s off the table.”

“I did this (because) i don’t want my parents to feel the shame of having a son like me,” he said in a message to a friend after the murders. His family believed he was set to graduate on July 28, 2019. Instead he murdered them all the day before. He started with his mother and then about an hour later killed his grandmother. When his sister came home from work at 11PM he killed her and then at midnight his father got home from his job as a cab driver and he too was killed. All of the victims were bludgeoned and then had their throats cut.

The Crown and defence, in a joint position, say they want the period of parole ineligibility to run 25 years concurrently for the first-degree murder charges, plus 15 years of parole ineligibility for the second-degree murder count, which was for his killing his mother, the first victim in the spree.

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