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Quebec chanteuse releases new single in French and English

Having just released both a French and English version of her latest single, “Self-Talk Session”, Montreal based pop/funk singer Izabelle reached #1 on Quebec’s Niky radio charts and has spent weeks within their top ten, secured four consecutive victories in the Canadian Beats Weekly Beatdown, and has had the English version of her hit single added to numerous radio stations across the country. Add in her vibrant, professionally produced music videos in both French and English, it’s easy to see how Izabelle is securing her space as an artist who can dominate in the both the Francophone and Anglophone markets across the country.

Her album “Version 2.0”, released in both French and English features legendary local musicians from local band The Brooks, and others who have worked with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion and many more iconic artists.

Izabelle will be celebrating the dual language release of “Version 2.0” at her official online album launch concert on November 7 2020. The concert is in partnership with WhiteBox Play – a broadcast venue that supports live and in-person shows. Taking place at Scène Éthique in Varennes, QC, Izabelle will perform the album in its entirety as well as some songs from her upcoming album, due out in Spring 2021. You can purchase tickets here.

Listed in January 2020 as one the 2019 Discovered Artists by ADISQ and being amongst the top 100 Canadian finalists of CBC Music’s Searchlight in February 2020, the artist that many describe as “Refreshing revelation”, wows the crowd with her unique vibe, charisma and energy!

The Quebec singer-songwriter who has been touring internationally for over 16 years with various international showbands. Also appearing on the Just Dance 4 video game by Ubi Soft which sold millions of copies, with the song Hot for me – AKA and collaborating

Version 2.0 unveils a Pop-Groovy sound (reminiscent of Bruno Mars, Prince, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson…), catchy melodies supported by powerful lyrics on social topics such as domestic violence, self-acceptance, social pressure, women empowerment.

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