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Halton officer rammed by stolen car

​Last night , the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) received a tip about a white Mercedes with extensive front end damage that was driving erratically on the Queen Elizabeth Way.  A resident observed the Mercedes exit the highway and stop at a gas station at Walkers Line and Mainway in Burlington.

Police got to the gas station and saw the vehicle (occupied by one passenger) and the male driver (who had just finished pumping gas). Upon speaking with the driver, our officer determined that the driver was impaired and attempted to arrest him.  The driver got back into the vehicle and put it into reverse while the driver’s side door was fully open and struck the officer. The driver then reversed into a parked police cruiser and then drove forward and exited the gas station.  The vehicle then drove along Mainway and police initiated a pursuit in an attempt to stop the Mercedes.  A decision was made to terminate this pursuit after a short distance, due to public safety reasons.

The driver tired to hide in a drive way of a house on Sutherland Drive but the homeowner dialed 911.  Officers attended the residence a short time later and located the vehicle, with both males still occupying the vehicle.

In spite of demands to do so, the two males refused to exit the vehicle, and the driver attempted to try and set the vehicle in motion. At that point the pair were subdued with tazers.

The driver and his passenger were then transported taken to hospital for examination.

The involved police officer received only minor injuries from being struck by the Mercedes and did not require medical treatment.It was determined that the Mercedes had an improper licence plates attached at the time of this incident.  A further inquiry determined the Mercedes was reported stolen to another GTA police service.

Police are investigating how the stolen Mercedes sustained the extensive front end damage that generated the initial calls to police. It is believed that it may have been involved in a collision with another motor vehicle in the Oakville earlier in the evening. 

​A 29 year old male of Brampton is being charged with the following offences:

Operation while impaired

Assault a peace officer with a weapon

Dangerous operation

Flight from peace officer

Failure to stop after an accident

Possession of property obtained by crime

Fail to comply with recognizance (x3)

Operation while prohibited

Theft under $5000

Obstruct peace officer

A 32 year old male of Toronto is being charged with the following offences:

Possession of property obtained by crime

Obstruct peace officer

Fail to comply with recognizance

Both involved persons will be held for a bail hearing however police will not be releasing their names until both have made a court appearance.

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