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Signs posted by frustrated developer attract critics

Signs posted by frustrated developer attract critics

Signs posted on a vacant property in downtown Hamilton are attracting some social media attention. One of the two signs on the property at the corner of Walnut and Augusta contains a poem that complains about homeless and addicted persons occupying the building. That prompted a local resident to post a tweet and to attach her own poem to the sign.

The other has pictures of four of Hamilton mayoralty candidates asking who will “increase efficiency, promote progress, improve my city?”

Candidate Bob Bratina, who lives nearby, contacted the property owner who said he had been running into frustrating red tape in his efforts to obtain a building permit to redevelop the property into apartments with a commercial component. The property owner registered as a third-party advertiser to avoid any issues about referencing the mayoralty candidates during a campaign.

Hamilton’s building department, along with other municipal building departments has experienced a shortage of planners. When the city announced plans to return to partial in-person work, a number of city planners quit. The property, adjacent to the TH&B rail tracks has been a vacant eyesore for many years.

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