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City of Burlington launches new website

City of Burlington launches new website

The City of Burlington has launched a redesigned website saying it will be easier for residents and visitors to find information and access online services. This modernized site now includes and the calendar in one convenient location.  The city says the new site will incorporate technical advances that have taken place in web design since the Burlington site was last launched in 2015.

The redesign focused on inclusive design, which means anybody using different devices can use the site. Whether accessing from a laptop, tablet or phone, the website will automatically change to fit the device you’re reading it on which offers a better user experience on all devices. The redesigned website has voice search capability.  Residents can enter a search term by voice rather than type it. There is also a significant reduction and reliance on PDF documents and a focus on accessible alternatives. The redesign achieves a more accessible website which follows a path to meet accessibility standards as required by the Province of Ontario.

What’s New: Online enhancements to include:

•             More powerful search tools

•             Easier self-serve online applications

•             Over 1/3 of webpages removed and creation of 16 new Service area sections to better organize and find information

•             Upgraded news and notices tools to better refine searches, stay up to date, and get the latest details on what’s happening in Burlington including on development applications, construction projects and festivals and events

•             Enhanced how-to and FAQ sections to make finding information easier

•             Separation of calendar views into: a Council and Committees calendar and a Calendar of Events (community calendar) making it easier to find and subscribe to the events you need

•             Trending search results displayed on the homepage

•             New microsite for Halton Court Services found at and on homepage

•             New microsite for Burlington Transit found on, making it easier to plan a trip and get transit information.

How to engage with the new website

Residents can subscribe to newsfeeds, calendars and webpages for the latest on the topics and services they want to know about. Visit to view our upgraded subscription options and see existing subscriptions you may have.

There was public engagement with residents who shared the overall themes they wanted to see on the new website.  These themes were prioritized and included in the online enhancements. Through surveys and polls, residents continue to tell the City that the city website is one of the top channels they use to find out about City programs, services and initiatives.

Said City Manager Tim Commisso, “no major updates to the website were made since launch in 2015 and we knew we had to modernize the online experience to better serve our community. We provided engagement opportunities on our web redesign concepts and City staff worked hard to create a seamless website, so you can better access what you need.”

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