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Halton District School Board looking for big ideas on reimagining education

Halton District School Board looking for big ideas on reimagining education

Parents, guardians, students, staff, community and education partners have a chance to share their ideas with the HDSB trustees through the Reimagine Forward initiative.

Through Reimagine Forward, Trustees of the Halton District School Board are asking the Halton community and beyond to reimagine education by sharing ideas and stories to develop big-picture, innovative opportunities about how the publicly-funded school system in Ontario can evolve. Parents/guardians, students, staff, community and education partners are invited to provide their ideas and stories at  starting today until May 23.

The goal of Reimagine Forward is to answer the question: What are the big moves needed to reimagine public education?

Reimagine Forward is a grassroots project initiated and led by the HDSB Trustees. Submitted ideas will be reviewed by Trustees to influence local policy making and will be shared with participants, the Minister of Education and other Ontario school boards and education organizations in June.

“Positive change starts with thinking about and reimagining public education, working together, and sharing stories and ideas,” says Tracey Ehl Harrison, Vice-Chair of the Board and lead of the Reimagine Forward Committee. “Think big. Think positive. Be innovative. The ‘secret sauce’ is here among us.”

The Reimagine Forward initiative connects to key foundational elements of the HDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan 20202-2024 such as adaptability, innovation and engagement.

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