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First signs 6th COVID wave may be tapering off

First signs 6th COVID wave may be tapering off

The Ontario Science Table is reporting that the COVID testing of wastewater, seems to be showing a levelling off, or even a decline. The science table issued a bulletin Thursday that noted, “Wastewater surveillance suggests that community transmission may have peaked. Regardless, modelling indicates that hospital occupancy is likely to continue to rise for some time, with uncertainty in the timing and height of the peak. The latest modelling suggests ICU cases could exceed 500 before starting to level off in mid May. The science table also reiterated that masking, although not mandatory in Ontario is still a good way of avoiding getting infected or spreading it to others.

Similarly, Toronto infectious diseases physician, Dr, Isaac Bogoch, tweeted Friday, “Ontario’s COVID wastewater signals are levelling off (even declining) in many parts of the province & the pace of hospitalization appears to be plateauing as well. Great to see. It’s still early & there’s a lot of COVID out there, but we may be headed out of this wave. Hospitalizations/deaths are delayed metrics & may still rise for some time.”

In Hamilton, both Hospitals are reporting high levels of staff booking off or self-isolating due to COVID. As of Thursday there were 371 physicians and staff off at HHSC and 243 at St Joes. St’ Joes was putting out a call for staff to work extra shifts over the long weekend.

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