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Costs of Red Hill Judicial Inquiry continue to mount

Costs of Red Hill Judicial Inquiry continue to mount

By the time the public inquiry into the ed Hill Creek safety issues is completed, the cost will have almost tripled from the original estimates. When the decision was made to order the full judicial inquiry, council was advised to set aside $7 Million for the hearings. In the latest update provided to council staff say, “based on the costs incurred since December 2021 to date, the City can continue to expect the costs of the Inquiry to fall between $18 and $20 million.”

The update says the long-awaited public hearings are expected to begin later this month. More than 126,000 documents have been produced so far. Commission counsel say more than 50 interviews totaling 600 hours have taken place. Out of those meetings has come a request for further documents. The commission issued a news release recently that said the city was resisting the release of certain documents .

So far more than $13 million has been spent, nearly $12 million of which is going to lawyers, the remainder has mainly gone to consultants.

The inquiry was order following a rash of fatal automobile accidents on the Red Hill. In early 2019, the e city  learned of a 2013 friction report related to the Red Hill Valley Parkway.  That led to a decision to order a full judicial inquiry. report.  Mr. Justice Herman J. Wilton-Siegel was appointed to preside over the Inquiry in May 2019. The Commissioner has retained Robert Centa of Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP to act as counsel to the Commission. The City has retained Eli Lederman and Delna Contractor of Lenczner Slaght LLP to act as counsel to the City in the Inquiry.

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