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Hamilton COVID hospitalizations ease slightly

Hamilton COVID hospitalizations ease slightly

Hamilton’s COVID19 hospitalization count dropped by five to 48. HHSC reported “less than five” ICU cases and St. Joes reported three. There were no deaths reported by Hamilton Public Health. Outbreaks in Hamilton decreased by one to 16. Halton experienced another hike in Hospitalizations, adding six more cases to 28. Nine of them are in Joe Brant and 13 are in Oakville. Halton is dealing with seven outbreaks. With the usual caveat that new cases may be understated by a factor of 10 due to testing limitations, Hamilton is showing 123 new cases of COVID and Halton 97.

Ontario’s COVID hospitalization count took a major jump of 234 cases to 1091—the highest hospitalization count since February 19/ ICU cases increased by five cases to 173. There were six deaths recorded. With 14.474 tests administered the positivity rate is approximately 18 percent. The number of new cases was reported at 1991—a significant drop from counts of over 3,000 cases in the past week, but an undercount, nonetheless, due to the restrictions on testing. There were 6.095 vaccinations administered.

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