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First steps taken in development of surplus Stelco Lands

First steps taken in development of surplus Stelco Lands

The first steps in the potential redevelopment of surplus Stelco lands have been taken. Hamilton Planning Committee voted unanimously to place a holding provision on the roughly 700-acre parcel of land. The hold allows time for the owner to develop and submit a concept plan for the future use of the property. Such a plan would likely involve roadways to service the property, contamination studies and plans for mitigation.

In a staff report supporting the planning process, city planners say the approval is appropriate because “it will require the completion of the necessary studies, agreement and phasing …and ensures orderly development .”

The property is a large block between Sherman and Ottawa Streets extending into the Harbour with significant shoreline. The significance of this first step in development of the property might have passed relatively unnoticed but for some questioning by Clr. John Paul Danko.

Planning Director Steve Robichaud outlined what’s next, including the possibility of some public access once the property is fully developed.

As the process gets underway, the steelmaker has been allowed to make additions to its buildings as long as they do not exceed 1,000 square meters in size.

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