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An innovative approach to housing the homeless population

An innovative approach to housing the homeless population

HATS (Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters) staged an information session Friday, complete with a demo tiny home at Christ’s Church Cathedral on James Street North. Visitors got to peek into one of the shelters and then attend an information session inside the church. HATS was founded as a temporary solution by community members who want to do something about the homeless emergency. The cabins measure 8′ x 10′ and can be designated with a ramp to be accessible.

Features include:

• They’re built to a high standard from top-quality, fire-proofed


• Each cabin is equipped with lighting, heat and a fire extinguisher

• A small bar fridge safely stores food

• A microwave is included to heat meals.

Kitchener led the way in the tiny house movement by establishing’s A Better Tent City (ABTC) on a plot of land owned jointly by Kitchener and the Waterloo Region District School Board. Despite the name the complex consists of tiny houses, not tents. People live in their own small cabins, but laundry, kitchen space and washrooms are communal. Residents can also access health care and other social services on-site.

HATS envisions a similar set-up for Hamilton. In addition to shelter residents would receive a full range of health and social supports including:

  • Medical care
  • Mental health supports
  • Peer support and mentorship
  • Addictions counseling
  • Harm reduction supports
  • System Navigation supports
  • Housing supports
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