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Historic Tivoli Theatre Sold

Historic Tivoli Theatre Sold

Remains of the Tivoli Theatre on James Street North, Hamilton ater the front section of the building collapsed Kathy Renwald photo

The long languishing Tivoli Theatre on James Street North has been sold, as well as the Centre Point Plaza adjacent to the theatre. Late this afternoon a news released confirmed recent rumours that the two key pieces of property on James North bordered by Wilson Street are in new hands.

  Two companies, Aventus Developments and Society Developments made the announcement jointly, hinting that the remains of the historic Tivoli Theatre will find a new purpose.

  “We are extremely excited to contribute to the downtown regeneration and create a beautiful gateway into the vibrant arts district of James Street North” says Chris Mlinaric, Chief Financial Officer of Aventus. 

  “As a downtown Hamilton resident, I believe that with a careful appreciation of the community’s needs, we can breathe new life into the Tivoli. James Street North is home to incredible landmarks, restaurants and attractions and we want to continue this positive impact on the cultural fabric of this City.”

  The beloved Tivoli, once a vaudeville theatre and the site of an 1875 carriage factory was subject to a very public demise. There was a brief burst of optimism when Sam, The Record Man, Sniderman acquired the Tivoli, and envisioned a vibrant future for the elegant building.

  I was actually at a Local Architectural Advisory Committee meeting (LACAC) at city hall, when Sniderman painted a future for the Tivoli that paralleled the much loved village theatre in the luscious movie Cinema Paradiso. It was never to happen.

  In 2004 after years of neglect a major portion of the Tivoli Theatre collapsed. Photos of the rubble show the ornate lobby ceiling and stairway with intricate mouldings and patterned wallpaper surrounded by mountains of brick and plaster.

  Sniderman eventually applied for a demolition permit to level the remains of the heritage protected Second Empire landmark but eventually unloaded it for two dollars to the Diamante family of Hamilton. Plans came and went, but not much happened with the shell like remains of the Tivoli.

   The new owners admit their acquisition of the two properties is in the conception stage. One can expect there will be keen interest in the future of this historic and key piece of real estate on James Street North.

Remains of the Tivoli Theatre on James Street North, Hamilton after the front section of the building collapsed Kathy Renwald photo
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