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Judi Partridge looking forward to new challenges in the business world

Judi Partridge looking forward to new challenges in the business world

Judi Partridge says she never intended making a career out of politics and now she is ready for the next chapter in her life. That will probably include serving on corporate boards. Partridge holds a certificate in governance from the Schulich School of Business at York University. “I’ve been volunteering for 25 years and would like to get into governance, perhaps in the transportation area,” she told the Bay Observer. Monday, Partridge announced that after 12 years as councillor for ward 15-waterdown-Flamborough, she would not seek re-election in the fall municipal vote.

She said she had a number of items on her to-do list when she was first elected in 2010 and feels she saw most of them brought to fruition. These included attracting businesses to the Flamborough Industrial Park, progress on the Waterdown bypass as well as the Highway 5 and 6 interchange, Memorial Park Ice Skating Loop, new baseball diamonds, paved trail and playground, Waterdown Core Secondary Plan, including zoning and Heritage Protections, Waterdown Transportation Master Plan, Heritage District Building Protection and Police and Fire Station approved for Waterdown.

Partridge says she has seen significant improvement in the way council interacts since her first days on council. “Back in 2010, it was a pretty tough crowd,” she said, “but one of the positives since then is that collectively we have made it unacceptable to have bad behaviour at council.” Commenting on the number of new faces that will be on council as a result of her departure and the departures of Chad Collins, Sam Merulla and Brenda Johnson, Partridge says to be successful it is best to have candidates with some executive experience in their background,” otherwise it will be pretty much a four-year learning curve.” She said to be a successful a councillor needs to have enough experience and background to be able to hold staff accountable when proposals are being presented, “You need a broader understanding,” she said. She credits her serving while councillor on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities as giving her a broader perspective. “Id like to apply some of what I’ve learned at the local level to the broader federal and provincial spheres,” she said.

Judi Partridge was elected to Hamilton Council in 2010 in her second run at the position. She was re-elected in 2014 with more than 69 percent of the vote. In 2018, she ran for the Liberals in the Provincial election and finished third, in a vote that saw the party reduced to seven seats. Running for re-election later that year for council she eked out a narrow win. Prior to that Partridge had a career in consulting, marketing and government relations before entering politics, spending more than six years with the Hamilton Spectator as Manager of Corporate and Government Relations.

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