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Getting those noisy cars off the road in Halton

Getting those noisy cars off the road in Halton

We’ve all heard them and seen them…small black low-slung sedans usually with tinted windows diving aggressively, weaving in and out of traffic and making hellish noise disproportionate to the size of the car. Halton police are doing something about the noise issue. They have been operating a noise crackdown called  Project #Noisemaker over the past two years and as a result of the success will be continuing the initiative in 2022.

The HRPS has continued to receive numerous complaints from residents across the region in regards to loud and unnecessary noise from motor vehicles.  Many of these vehicles have been illegally modified by removing the mufflers or modifying the exhaust system.

When instances of unnecessary vehicle noise are investigated, the vehicles are often found to be accompanied by other illegal vehicle modifications, unsafe vehicle conditions and/or aggressive driving.  Project #Noisemaker aims to target these vehicles and driving behaviours.  During the course of the 2021 Project #Noisemaker campaign across the Halton Region, enforcement activities resulted in the following:

1740 total charges laid, including:

790 charges for no/improper muffler

601 charges for unnecessary noise

9 racing/stunt driving charges

The remaining charges were primarily vehicle defects, moving violations, licence and licence plate infractions, violations of the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, and contraventions of the Environmental Protection Act (removal of vehicle emissions components).

As a result, the region-wide Project #Noisemaker will be continuing in 2022 and will run until October 31, 2022. The project aims to address concerns of motor vehicles with illegal modifications, unsafe motor vehicles, and aggressive driving.

As part of Project #Noisemaker, officers from the District Response Teams and Regional Traffic Services will collaborate with partner agencies to conduct inspections through an Operation Wreck Check, will target illegal street racing activity through Project ERASE (Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere) enforcement dates, and will partner with municipal enforcement officers to conduct enforcement of the Town of Oakville’s motorcycle noise by law.

Motor vehicles that are found not to be in compliance with the equipment requirements under the Highway Traffic Act and the Environmental Protection Act and associated regulations, or are found to be in an unsafe condition are subject to additional enforcement actions including having the vehicles licence plates removed, and/or having the vehicle removed from the roadway.

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