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Halton cops put the hook on more than half of the tow trucks inspected

Halton cops put the hook on more than half of the tow trucks inspected

Its bad enough to find yourself needing the services of a tow truck, but Halton police in a recent tow-truck inspection blitz found more than 50 percent of the towing vehicles had to be taken off the road.

The Halton Regional Police Service say they were staggered by the results of its annual “Towbruary” Tow Enforcement Campaign.

Throughout the month of February, the HRPS Traffic Services Unitour District Response Units conducted a number of tow truck inspection blitzes across Halton. A joint inspection blitz was also carried out with Hamilton Police Service on the border of the two jurisdictions. These enforcement activities resulted in the following:

103 inspections were conducted,

56 tow trucks were placed Out of Service (54 percent Out of Service rate), and      

155 charges were laid under the Highway Traffic Act.

The top three reasons for failed inspections were load security, lighting issues and weight issues. To ensure the safety of all road users, drivers and operators of commercial vehicles are required to ensure their vehicles and loads are inspected and safe before they are operated on any road.

The HRPS would like to remind motorists that if they are in a collision, they should not give their vehicle to just anyone. Know your rights. Know your tow. As the registered owner and/or driver of a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle collision, you:

have the right to have your vehicle towed by the towing company of your choice; and

have the right to have your vehicle towed to the location of your choice.

HRPS officers respond to collisions when the involved vehicle(s) require a tow truck. Motorists have the option to use a tow of their choice or have an officer request a tow from an authorized rotational list.

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