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Blockading truckers face the hook from Ford towing fleet

Blockading truckers face the hook from Ford towing fleet

The Ford government is proposing sweeping legislation to give Ontario police the ability to move quickly to break up illegal truck blockades, particularly at border crossings.

The Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act, 2022 would, if passed, better enable the province to respond immediately to future disruptions to international border crossings such as bridges and airports when those disruptions interfere with public safety, the economy and international trade.

The proposed legislation would provide police officers with additional enforcement tools to impose roadside suspension of drivers’ licences and vehicle permits, seize licence plates when a vehicle is used in an illegal blockade and remove and store objects making up an illegal blockade.

The province has set aside $96 Million to support them initiative, some of which would go towards establishing a provincial fleet of heavy tow trucks to move blockading trucks. During the Ottawa blockade police had trouble finding private tow truck operators willing to remove vehicles. Other features of the proposed legislation include:

  • enhanced training through the Ontario Police College for all law enforcement services to support safe and effective public order policing
  • Improvements to the operational strength of the Ontario Provincial Police in the areas of emergency management and investigations and intelligence, including the establishment of a permanent Emergency Response Team

Said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “These measures are narrow in scope and will not impact the right to peaceful, lawful and temporary protests.”

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