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Good Samaritan ended up shooting man he rescued

Good Samaritan ended up shooting man he rescued

South Carolina prosecutors will not file charges in a case where a man who fell off a Jet Ski was fatally shot by his rescuer, according to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office. After gathering all the information prosecutors ruled the shooting self-defense. It all happened Tuesday afternoon, when a man and woman fell off a Jet Ski into Lake Keowee.

A couple who were on a nearby pontoon boat saw the man and woman struggling in the water and brought them on board, as the Jet Ski continued doing circles in the lake.

“The man, who had been rescued, became agitated and began assaulting the couple on the pontoon,” a police statement said. “Investigators have been told that the man may have wanted to get back to the Jet Ski.”

The rescued woman tried to calm things down by pushing the agitated man back into the water, the statement said. The couple then helped him back in the boat a second time. Another confrontation occurred, the sheriff’s office said, and the man on the pontoon boat “shot the man fearing for his and his wife’s life while being assaulted.”

10th Circuit Solicitor David Wagner found the shooting an act of self-defense.

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  • I’m guessing the pontoon owners knew the keystone cops and prosecutor.

    None of their story makes sense. It sounds less like a “rescue” and more like a kidnapping. First, there’s the gun on the boat. Why would you take a gun on your boat? Are you that scared of life?? Secondly, if they had “rescued” this young man, he would have been thrilled to be taken on board their boat. He wasn’t. Which tells me that he was pulled on board that boat against his wishes… otherwise known as kidnapping. And the surefire home run… he was shot point blank range in the chest. That’s someone who has full control of the situation, who has a gun against an unarmed person, who controls the situation. And yet this “rescuer” chose to shoot him point blank not in the leg, or arm, or foot, but in the chest where there would be no hope of him living to tell the story.

    They are lying. But in SC it’s keystone cops and prosecutors. There will never be justice for this young man, but there will be justice in the afterlife for the murderer on the pontoon boat. And karma has a way of finding people before then, too.

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