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My take: Call Putin’s Bluff

My take: Call Putin’s Bluff

During the American Revolution beginning in 1775, anti-British poles were erected in villages with signs atop conveying messages of anger against the Anglo-Saxon rule.  In today’s circumstances vis a vis Russia, what was called `Liberty Poles’ in the late 1700s has now been transformed into internet posts.

                Traversing the worldwide web, one can see the truth of what is happening in Ukraine with adjunct videos of the true horror unfolding in Europe- basically, the wanton slaughter of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure.

                The old maxim is true- history does repeat itself. In 1939 and even years before there was only one man who knew what Adolph Hitler was truly all about.

                Winston Churchill was one of those rare prescient men who knew what the reality of the future held. I would add American President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy to that shortlist as well, concerning Cuba and the missile crisis in 1962 involving the Soviet Union and its Premier, Nikita Khrushchev.

Pre-WWII, while British Prime Minister Chamberlain preferred appeasement along with a majority of others, Churchill innately knew Hitler and his Nazi ilk were lying, and evil despots.

                Today, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Western leaders are doing their utmost to imitate the very definition of appeasement.

                 I have a few simple questions, just how much more devastation and outright murder has to take place before the West decides enough is enough? How many times does Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, need to beg for a no-fly zone over his decimated country? What is the point of NATO if even non-NATO countries are assaulted? Is the United Nations a paper tiger? It would appear so. Did we learn nothing from Russia’s annexation of Crimea? It is the ghost of Hitler and Czechoslovakia… yet in present times we have done nothing save the usual angry, empty platitudes. We have seen this movie before and this time it may not end well as in tactical, nuclear weaponry.

                While President Biden dithers about how much military aid he should send to Ukraine, and inept, Vice President Harris regurgitates the same old refrain, and Prime Minister Trudeau ensures his vain trip to Europe is videotaped, the Ukrainian people continue to suffer unimaginably.

                I know what you are thinking- if the West does anything more than send military aide to Ukraine, will it not end in WWIII? The answer is, we ARE presently in WWIII, and may I add ridiculously, `Better dead than Red?’

Consider this, what if the West continues its appeasement policy and China assists Russia with military and economic aid? Who is next, Poland, Moldova, Romania et al? Where does it end? If we concede Ukraine, the Russians, and Chinese will confirm what they already suspect, that the West `Speaks softly and carries a big stick’ without consequences and the West will `NOT go far,’ as former American President, Theodore Roosevelt might say as he adjusts his famous quote to match the current dilemma.

                I am not advocating war but I would rather face evil head-on than surrender more democratic lands. Russia is like a spoiled child. It is testing the limits of parental borders and if there are none, (as mentioned they have taken Crimea) what is to stop them from invading other countries?

                It is a disgrace the United States will not allow Russian-built MIG-29 fighters in Polish possession to be transferred to American bases in Germany. Perhaps Poland can simply sell the jets, (on credit or paper) to Ukraine. Ukrainian pilots could enter Poland and fly them back. But this would be seen as a provocation by the Russians… well, at what point do we stop caring about what Putin thinks and begin establishing a few `lines in the sand’ of our own?

                To me, Putin is like a bully and there is only one way to deal with a bully- stand up to him and hit him back. Putin may be a narcissist but he is not a madman. He surely knows that if he launches a nuclear strike Russia will be annihilated. Of course, the West may be annihilated too but would you rather not defend right versus wrong no matter the cost? Or would you rather we live in a world where autocrats rule? Look no further than the Holocaust and speak to its survivors.

Ben Guyatt

                I am not a betting man but I say, call Putin’s bluff and erect our liberty pole with signage depicting, `Freedom over Tyranny.’ History demands our rectitude and we in the West, despite warts and all, must ensure liberty reigns or we will succumb to the evils of potentates, and we may never recover. Freedom’s future is literally at stake. by Ben Guyatt

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  • This is not the same as 1939, when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, and I can tell you why in two words: nuclear weapons. They weren’t even contemplated in 1939. Putin has his vision of what the world should look like. He’s demonstrated enough mental instability to cause us to believe that if he can’t make the world match his vision, he’ll destroy it by firing off his nukes. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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